Meet our Pack

These are the dogs that keep us inspired to do what we do.
They ground us and connect us to other dog lovers and
the dog rescue community.

Lola and Allie are best pals. Sort of like the Yin and Yang of our pack. Lola, the Rottie/Shepherd mix is the extrovert, while Allie, the White Shepherd, is cautious. But they are inseparable. We adopted Lola as a puppy from the Safe Harbor Prison Dogs program in Lansing, KS. Sometimes we tell her that if she doesn’t behave, we may send her backĀ  for a refresher course! We adopted Allie two years ago after she had been returned to the Great Plains SPCA shelter twice because of her destructive separation anxiety. We think she knows she’s found her forever home with us.

…and here are the two little dogs in our pack! Noodle (on the left) was found in a ditch on the side of the road near Jamesport, MO. We think she might be a mix of rat terrier and maybe blue heeler. But many folks think she’s an exotic breed they’ve never seen before, so we call her our “Smooth-coated Jamesport Tick Terrier.” The little bundle of hair on the right is Dot. She has some poodle in her lineage, but the rest is a mystery. Dot would prefer being an only dog, sitting on someone’s lap to be pampered all day.