About Us

Marie Mason is definitely the top dog of Bella Company. She began the business in 1994 with the Yellow Dog Club design. The t-shirt was originally a thank you gift to all her friends who had put up with her yellow dog, Bella, as a puppy. In 2007 Marie and partner, Kate, moved Bella Company to Weston, MO. Just a few miles north of Kansas City, Weston is known for its antebellum homes and pre-Civil War history. Weston is considered the #1 day trip destination from the Kansas City area.

This year, Bella Company changed direction…from Mason’s artful t-shirt designs to a fine art gallery featuring her paintings and drawings, representing a variety of subject matter, including landscapes, florals and abstracts. We also will occasionally show other regional artists.

Bella Company | 616 Main St., Weston, MO 64098
Store Hours: Wed-Sun 1-5 | by appointment | by chance